By ordering window treatments from NuVisions Window Treatments, you are helping to fund a variety of services for vision impaired people in three Central Pennsylvania counties. These services include escorted transportation to medical appointments, networking opportunities for clients, a resource for low vision aids and bridges to other beneficial programs.
   Additionally, NuVisions Center offers programs to help prevent blindness through community education, preschool and adult vision screening and help for those in need to obtain eye exams and glasses.

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Janitorial service employee

Escorted transportation to medical appointments


   Along with NuVisions Window Treatments, the NuVisions Center supports itself with two other divisions, both employing people with disabilities. The Janitorial Services division, initiated in 1987, offers janitorial services in offices, retail establishments, classrooms, police barracks and more. The Work Center, opened in 1945, fulfills sewing contracts for the Commonwealth of PA. Commercial contracts for wash cloths, blankets, bedspreads and window treatments provide the Center’s primary revenue.



Equipment available to clients